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ECO STEP® is the superior choice for High-Rises, Office Buildings, Hotels

ECO STEP ® is an acoustical underlayment designed to dramatically reduce room-to-room and in-room ambient noise. ECO STEP exceeds national building code and property association sound reduction requirements. ECO STEP ® is the superior choice for High-Rises, Office Buildings, Hotels, Multi-Family Homes or simply for the personal comfort of the homeowner.

Easy and fast to install, ECO STEP ® lies flat to reduce minor sub-floor imperfections. Use ECO STEP ® with most floor constructions; concrete or wood, and surfaces of laminate, hardwood, engineered wood and tile. ECO STEP ® provides a 20-year Limited Lifetime Warranty – regardless of flooring brand or type of floor” when installed correctly.

In head-to-head testing for sound reduction, ECO STEP ® outperformed the competition in actual field installations. ECO STEP ® dense recycled rubber granules provide superior compression resistance so you can enjoy its benefits much longer than with most other underlayment’s.



ECO STEP ® is a recycled rubber flooring underlayment for sound isolation and impact noise control. The rubber material provides a resilient layer within the flooring assembly for reducing vibration noise. ECO STEP ® is a critical component in meeting International Building Code requirements for ceiling/floor noise reduction performance. ECO STEP ® passes the Federal Flammability Standard, meets CHPS standards for VOCs, and passes the ASTM C627 reliability standard for residential use.


    Optimized resiliency
    Efficient spring action
    LEED credit
    CHPS VOC-complaint
    No creep or long-term degradation
    Strength under load
    Reduced manufacturing costs



APPLICATIONS for ECO Step Underlayment are as followed:

    Engineered wood a Laminate
    Vinyl plank
    Ceramic tile
    Under concrete

Quiet and Comfortable for the Life of your Floor

Designed to isolate vibration and impact in multi-level flooring applications.Get Eco Step Underlayment today!