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Construction Adhesive and Underlayment

ECO STEP ® Underlayment is designed for engineered wood, a laminate, a vinyl plank, and can be used as a crack membrane under ceramic tile, stone, and on top concrete. As a homeowner, you will be pleased how this underlayment will help you to reduce sound in your home. If you are a contractor and have a project in a high rise building, then this underlayment will deliver the results you want and then is the drastic sound reduction in your client’s apartment. This product is proudly made in the USA from recycled rubber underlayment. It has LEED points.


    100% complete solution for every floor type and substrate (surface)

    2X more adhesive power than the other brands

    1/2 the installation time with very easy to apply formula

    0 fillers, water, clay, hollow-spots, adhesive fatigue

    Backed by the Pink Bucket Guarantee