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ECO STEP®  is a 100% recycled product designed to reduce noise in living and commercial environments. It can be used directly or you can use it as a crack membrane under tile, engineered, traditional wood and LVT. In most concrete construction impact noise can be controlled with a one layer system on the top side of the construction.

The flexibility of ECO STEP® will make it the ONE UNDERLAYMENT for all installation projects. Our product has been tested to provide excellent noise control when used directly under tile applications or with any type of wood.




Superior Noise Reduction –out performed similar products on the market in head –to- head field testing in noise reduction.

Crush- Proof the durable rubber material will not be crushed or degraded by the floor system.

Environmentally responsible –made from recycled tires. Helps eliminate a substantial waste stream from our environment. Qualifies Executive Order 13101 and LEED Green Building Council Certifications.


    Easy and fast to install
    Outperforms the competition in head-to-head sound testing
    Incorporates antimicrobial additive to inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria and algae
    Green: All ECO-STEP® Products are made in the USA from more than 80% post-consumer recycled tires.
    Meets Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission criteria
    National Distribution



ECO STEP ® is an acoustical underlayment designed to dramatically reduce room-to-room and in-room ambient noise. ECO STEP ® exceeds national building code and property association sound reduction requirements. ECO STEP ® is the superior choice for High-Rises, Office Buildings, Hotels, Multi-Family Homes or simply for the personal comfort of the homeowner. Easy and fast to install, not only does ECO STEP ® help reduce minor sub-floor imperfections, it lies flat. Versatile to use with most floor constructions, concrete or wood, and surfaces of laminate, hardwood, engineered wood and tile. ECO STEP ® provides a 20-year Limited Lifetime Warranty.